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100% Cruelty Free

At Natura Siciliana, caring for all living beings and the planet is at the core of our business. Our products are purposefully vegan and will always be. They’re two distinct positions and we will never compromise on either.

Animal cruelty free means that something was manufactured without hurting or killing animals. The clearest example of this cruelty is testing of products or ingredients on animals. Not only does Natura Siciliana not test on animals, but we only use ingredients that haven’t been tested on animals.

Lots of free-available data about ingredient safety and efficacy. This information renders animal testing unnecessary. Instead, the best course of action is to formulate products based on the data and the safety it offers. Then, test those products on eager human participants. 

Taking an absolute stance against animal testing is not short of its consequences. Although the practice is banned in several countries including the EU, Chinese law dictates that all products in physical stores be tested on animals.

Be Kind to All Kinds
Only Vegan Ingredients
We Fight Animal Testing

Vegan ingredients, NO EXCEPTION!

We don’t use any ingredients derived from animals, and we will never do it. Animals don’t usually die in production, but there is too much exploitation and poor treatment for us.

We’ve demonstrated that naturally derived, plant-based ingredients do a far greater job, without the damage. But it’s a stance that we will never change.

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