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Palm oil-free

Our promise? All Natura Siciliana products are 100% palm oil free.

Palm free is a hard, expensive and unique attitude to take in the beauty industry. Unfortunately, we’re one of very few companies that can claim, palm free. In fact, Cosmetics are packed with palm oil.

Unfortunately, palm is the most efficient oil on the planet to produce. 

Sustainable palm production is the best way forward, but it’s a massive challenge. Currently, it’s impossible to separate sustainable from unsustainable palm and the existing standards don’t ban deforestation.

Palm oil is catastrophic for people, the planet and the animals.

Global demand for palm is extremely high – more than 50% of supermarket stock and 95% of bathroom products contain palm oil. The industry is hugely destructive, causing devastation in Indonesia, Malaysia and, Africa.

Harvesting at such a rate is causing mass deforestation, displacing native people and pushing several species like tigers, orangutans, rhinos and elephants to the brink of extinction. Deforestation will definitely speed up the effects of climate change, as rainforests play an important role in the water cycle, provide a vital air cleaning service and sequester carbon dioxide.

Farmers are poorly paid and are frequently forced to work in dangerous conditions.

We defend the Biodiversity
Stop Deforestation

What can we do?

Stop purchasing food and products that contain palm oil.

Lobby your government to make palm oil labelling compulsory.

Sponsor an animal through a charity.

Express your discontent to businesses who use unsustainable, untraceable palm oil

Read and inform ourselves (we can now google everything).

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