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Our Ethics

The transparency of what we do is in our name – we trust that the earth offers us everything and natural elements are formed with perfection. We take pride in knowing what we put into our products and value the customer’s desire to be aware of what ingredients are in our products. By ensuring that our products are entirely organic, customers can use them with confidence. By utilizing natural ingredients, we reduce the chance for allergic reactions, skin irritations, and ineffective results.

Our process is initiated from the planet to the package, every step of the way is organically completed with hands on assistance. All products are unaltered, cruelty-free, and certified by the European bio- standard EU 834/07. Product packaging is made of entirely recycled paper from bioplastic material, glass and aluminium.

Natura Siciliana guarantees product excellence and satisfaction for all its customers. 


To achieve our premium line of products, we locally source, produce, and manufacture all our cosmetic elements.

Quality is our top priority – all our cosmetics are handmade, vegan, and incorporate natural components derived from Sicilian soil.

Local is leverage – we only offer localised products because we believe a company that is community driven holds distinct value. 

Our agenda for native resources does not cease at just the product but transcend to the packing as well, using eco-friendly packaging for our items. 

Natura Siciliana’s mission is to offer our customers an environmentally friendly experience from start to finish. 

We desire our customers to not only invest in our company, but our objective to sustain the planet and preserve earth’s productivity. Our marketing strategy is simple: if the earth does not yield it, we will not sell it. 

We are set apart in the cosmetic market because we strive for the highest standards in an industry built on mass production and chemically formulated products. 

Plastic is killing our planet
We respect all forms of life
Nature has everything we need

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